QS stands for quality and safety, from farm to fork. First, the QS certification mark for meat and sausages has been introduced to safeguard the origin.QS is a quality assurance and control system for the supply of animal products from processing of veal, beef, pork and sheep and can be applied for both products of German origin, as well as imports from EU and third countries.

There are regular checks to ensure that strict standards are maintained.These controls include:

  • birth, rearing and fattening (eg documentation of medication use)
  • feed (eg food quality of all raw materials used)
  • Animal Welfare (in animal husbandry and transport of animals)
  • slaughter and cutting (eg comprehensible flow of goods, proof of utilization of slaughterhouse waste)

This mark offers the best conditions for costumers,to get to confidence and safety for all food.

IQ Agrar

IQ agricultural occurs for producers and agricultural organizations as coordinators in the QS scheme. The aim is to enable companies and institutions a simple and cost-effective participation in the QS system. There are no restrictions by IQ Farm in purchasing or selling its products.

The producer announces itself over a so-called “system analyst” that can be (Drover example) various organizations from the agricultural sector. IQ Farm provides that the system consultant, so here takes Evers Viehhandelsgesellschaft mbH, different levels of services.

Contact is primarily IQ Farm Service GmbH, yet we try to stand aside for smaller issues with words and deeds.