You can also use our truck washing and disinfecting system – for a fee – for your wash program.

With the wash bay, we secure the cattle supplies our memberand client companies and thus the future of our company.The force applied by the high pressure, 60 ° degrees hot,water ensures optimum preparation fordisinfecting of vehicle bodies.With this combination, we achieve a maximum of reduction of germ pressure.With us we work clothes only once attracted:During loading and unloading and then washed to avoid any risks

The trucks will be after each transport directly on the slaughterhouse or in our own washing bay cleand and disinfected.

Future requirements for hygiene concepts, also from breeding companies,can thus be fulfilled. For the waste water treatment isinstalls a special sedimentation device. We fulfill can also hereby rising environmental standards furthermore.We strengthen with this investment our efforts furthermore and in future to sustainably and economically to work.

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