We market more than 400,000 pigs and 8,000 slaughter sows.

This allows you to achieve the best possible returns in marketing your cattle slaughter, we offer you:

  • Production consulting
  • Price Safety hogs sold by the possibility of price hedging at the Commodity futures exchange EUREX Frankfurt
  • health care by contractual veterinarians. Welfarefriendly transport by friendly and trained staff
  • Officially cattle collection point for intra- European trade in accordance with hygiene guidelines. Modern and always maintained transport vehicles
  • Short journeys to slaughterhouses from our region.
  • Competent and individual marketing offer excellent conditions
  • Monitoring of slaughter, cut, weight determination and classification.
  • Security against defaults
  • All of our cattle supplies are covered by credit insurance in full at Euler Hermes

Registration of pigs for slaughter

Punctuality – Reliability – Safety

This is the basis of our trade. I It is helpful, among other things, for the pigs to be marketed 7 days in advance.

The decrease and price stability, especially in the case of price fluctuations, the reliable supply of the slaughtering companies and the utilization of the trucks are arguments that help to strengthen our market position. This does not affect closed establishments which have their fixed date of acceptance.

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